I think the hardest part of working for myself, so far, has definitely been the motivation aspect. When you first start there’s a flash as some of you’re friends jump on and support you. That part is pretty awesome, so you ride that wave of hype for a bit, but then you hit the first plateau.

Now you have most of the people you know interested, and you’re getting some likes and some curiosity, but now you have to start finding new ways to drum up interest. You can advertise, you can keep scraping the barrel, but you have to keep the wave moving.

That’s where it starts to get hard. That’s where doubt steps in. That’s where you need focus.

Speaking as someone who has never really been coherent at the best of times. I have to admit, I am a little stuck.

I am starting to miss deadlines. I am starting to miss appointments. I need help. I need people to start telling others about what I am doing. I need to ask for others to give me a push and all I want to do is hide in my condo and play video games. I am out where I have been sooooo many times. Moderately successful and ready to start something,

But too scared to push the button.

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