The Enclave – Silver Spring.

Chapter I – The refrigerator Ordeal

A effected image of one of the buildings of the Enclave to demonstrate my feelings towards them.
Not the building I live in, but you get the picture.

When I was a child there was a high rise apartment building that we used walk/drive by on the way to the grocery store, or when went to our best friends synagogue. My hometown didn’t have a whole lot of high rises in the area, so when they sang in the theme song of the Jefferson’s about “moving on up” I assumed this had to be it. This had to be where they moved up to. They had a fence around the three high rise buildings and security posts at each entrance, so I presumed it must be something amazing.

Then in seventh grade when I started seeing a real therapist (as opposed to my mother’s doctor friend who had been taking some psychology courses); He was in this same set of high rises. I remember every time we went past the guard box I assumed we must be getting into Buckingham palace or something. When arrived at the U in front of the building and I got out, it was this amazing building with big chandeliers in the lobby, and there was someone I would check in with to go see Dr. J. His office was unassuming compared to the rest of the building, but still, I got to see how the other half lives. It was all so very exciting to go there and be buzzed in to the different areas of the complex.

Flash forward thirty five years or so to now. I live in that high rise. This morning when I left my apartment to go for my walk, I found literal shit outside my door. Kind of says it all. But let me back up and tell the whole story…

It started with an amazing showing. This was easily the nicest of the apartments I looked at. They were spacious, had a nice view and I didn’t have to walk over pieces of debris left scattered around the grounds. The amenities were nice with a pool, a barbecue area and a very nice gym. There were amazon hubs in the lobby with the mailroom (more on that later). It was a really nice grounds, and I so hoped to get accepted into the loving arms of this high-rise I had admired from afar for so long.

The problems, however, started on the first night when I noticed just how small the bathroom actually was. There was no electrical outlet in the bathroom. Not a dealbreaker for me, but kind of an annoyance. After a long day of watching the movers and running around I decided to test the bath. Right away I noticed the temperature controls were mislabeled and that they were dodgy at best. The water would come out very hot or very cold, but in a bath that seemed alright. It took me a week or two to get shower rings so I could hang the curtain and discover just how much this effect was amplified in the shower. But that wasn’t my biggest problem at that moment.

I mentioned in previous posts about my quest to get the kitchen up to par. So One weekend I had gone to my dad’s and brought back groceries only to discover a mouse on my floor and the fridge was dead. What I wasn’t expecting was it to take five days of phone calls and visits to the office to get to get my fridge turned back on. I was positive I was going to lose my insulin because I couldn’t get a maintenance person to do this work and I was definitely not going to buy any food until the fridge was working. When the guy did finally come he managed to knock everything off of the top of the fridge including a bottle of wine with my name on it (both literally and figuratively.) which exploded on the floor. In his haste to run and get a shop vac, the floor got stained from the wine. As he worked I did my best to stay out of his way because I was so infuriated with the situation I didn’t want to say anything further that I might regret. Another maintenance man came to the apartment after a bit and the two of them were in my home well after five, but getting nowhere it sounded like. Eventually that got it more or less working, and they ran out with the quickness.

It wasn’t until later that night that I discovered the water leaking on to the kitchen floor. I initially assumed it was from the shop-vac, but nope, they had broken a pipe in the unit above and the water was now leaking into my apartment. It would eventually put about half of the kitchen under the water and work it’s way in to the dining room, where all of my important papers were, so no stress there…

After setting up the maintenance report on a Thursday, they finally came to look at it on Monday and told me it had dried up. NO shit?!? Three days later it had dried up?!? Brilliant! I will say a few days later they came and redid the dry wall. Did a fairly good job, and didn’t take too long. Didn’t explain anything, but did do a decent enough job. So I was sure there was just the temperature controls to deal with, and then I could just enjoy my new home…or not, but I was optimistic.

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