A Quote:

“Nothing Good nor bad, Only thinking makes it so“


I am trying to re-write the pathways in my brain, I am trying to teach myself to think different, to feel different. Because the way I have been doing things clearly isn’t working. So I’m trying to be less judge mental, more open minded and generally more flexible in mind, body and spirit. The best way I can see to do that at the moment is to remind myself nothing is really Good or Bad, only my thinking, only my judgement makes it so.

I pulled out a book yesterday recommended to me by the amazing Curse Mackey called The Obstacle Is The Way in hopes of trying to pull myself out of the funk I have been in. It details a number of coping skills and the stories of people using those skills to overcome adversity. And it had the Shakespeare quote, which I really quite like.

So I have been trying to reevaluate the rest of my day realizing I am the only one who decides if it is good or bad, and you know what? My headache is bad, but the day is mostly neutral.

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