Will tell stories for food, inquire within

Yesterday was a study in contrasts. I would say it definitely was a high note overall, but had some minor issues that were more annoying than horrible.

I did my first CIT for Montgomery County since the “incident” from November? I think November. In any case we were joking about it beforehand with some of the fine folks there. Not sure I want to go through panic attacks in front of many police officers again, so it was nice to be able to do my little presentation and do a good job and feel proud about it after.

Later that night a friend asked me what my goal was with that. I said I have been trying to build up a business where I tell my story and help others by doing so. Still working on why somebody should hire me beyond “people find me entertaining and insightful?” I keep bumping my head against “Well, what do I do to put myself out there?” and then realizing I am not taking advantage of my connections or the opportunities I am presented with. I’ve been saying to myself that I need to get past the big bad before I can go anywhere. But why? Why not realize that as long as I sit still, the moss is forming. It’s time to start getting cracking.

So, if anybody is reading this beyond my mother, where would you think a good place to hear someone tell their story would be? Open mic nights? Sit in a coffeehouse with a sign saying “Will chat for coffee?” I know the biggest impediment right now is some severe body issues. I hate the way I look right now. From head to toe it just isn’t me. Need a better haircut, lose some weight, etc. My thought is start exercising all my muscles. I have been going out for a walk everyday to get me started. I’m working on my diet. I have been meditating a lot. Trying to figure out what to say and how to say it. What do you think? Would you watch a YouTube channel with me telling my stories?


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