My Thoughts on Art, Music and Mental Wealth…

My Thoughts on Art, Music and Mental Wealth…

Better late than never, I guess?

From a recent trip to Solomon’s Island

I’m not sure how many times I have mentioned this, but my great grandfather was a bit of an artist. Did work for some very famous people and some equally famous events and/or companies. But most Importantly to our story is that he made quite an impression on my dad, and on me through my dad.

I think I may have picked up more than I should have, but I grew up thinking that artists have a talent that mere humans do not possess. And that you must certainly do not ever claim to be an artist until you are supporting yourself through your art. When I was younger, I always thought that all artists were painters. It was only through time and education that I learned that there were other kinds of artists, Until I eventually began to believe that was an artistic spirit that traveled through these gods among us. That there was inherently something not only different, but Better that was within them.
The first high school that I went to had an art center in it, which meant that artists from all over the county came to our school to study. It was like a vocational school, but strictly for art, and those people amazed me. I remember one of my brothers friends had made a sculpture that was clearly modeled after a lady’s breast, but there was something so simple about it, so amazing, I wanted to hold it or just look at it, in all of it’s vaguely egg like beauty. It wasn’t vulgar at all, it was just a work of art.

So when I got got be in the sixteen to eighteen year old stage, I figured I could be a singer, too. I fronted a punk Rawk band that was just awful. Then I would go out to Columbus to visit another friend and just play with the synths, effects and other stuff that they had. By this point I had fully decided that Artists were real, that they walked among us, and if I tried really hard I could fool people in to thinking I was one of them.

Over time I learned how to use computers to do my bidding. I could create graphics that were interesting to look at. Then I worked as a graphic designer for a bit, where I met my client for life; Alan.

So fast forward quite a bit and you come to this last week, in which I came to realize that the one thing I really love doing is creating. Whether that means creating graphics I can display online, photographs I love to show off, or music that I can’t let go of. Even Cooking has become another form of artistry for me. The thing is, I really haven’t been sharing much of that lately. All I have been sharing is my pain, and my grief. All the while pretending that was what I needed. But having done some gigs lately, and showing photos off and just playing around with some musical ideas on my iPad. I’ve b even thinking it’s time to start sharing those creations. I’m working on it, I’m always saying that. The thing is, I really don’t want to waste my time or anybody else’s showing off some half-assed stuff. I know what I am capable of, and now I think I am holding back because I enjoy the privacy. I enjoy the pace I have created.

Truthfully, I’ve just been enjoying hanging out with me, cruising around the development and creating, taking photos and just being me. I feel like when I am on my own the world isn’t so bad. I like it here, maybe I’ll stay….


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