is almost one. is almost one.

And now I face a really difficult question. Do I continue?

The cost of running this website is pretty minimal. I have to sink money into it every year, so I don’t really think about it most of the time. But I got the bill that will be due at the end of the month and I keep asking myself, is it worth it to pay to expose my thoughts to potentially the entire3 world, and what am I getting out of it. I have been pouring my thoughts in to this site somewhat regularly every week and I feel like they go out in to the black hole of the internet and I hear almost nothing in return. I was hoping to hear some kind of interest in somembody wanting me to do a presentation.

I have not.

I was hoping I might feel some kind of connection, like there would be somebody who really felt this was helping them. Or like somebody else would at least comment that they understood how I was feeling and they were really getting something, anything out of this.

I did as few month ago, but not for quite some time.

I was hoping I would see a steady increase in followers, or traffic to the site. Or maybe somebody would question what resources they could get.

Nothing. It’s been silent for months.

So I’m left feeling like I am naked in the towns square, and it’s not even that somebody is laughing at me. It’s worse.

It feels like I am naked in the middle of the street, and nobody even noticed. everybody just keeps on driving by.

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