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I have been giving presentations about my personal story with Mental illness for over 4 years in several different formats and for a few differents organizations. I Have spoken with the In Our Own Voices and Crisis Intervention Training programs for the National Alliance on Mental Illness and am currently a member of Crisis Intervention International. I have also given my presentation at a very special Midwest Music Expo Weekly hosted by Martin Atkins.

I speak about what it has been like to grow up with what has been diagnosed at different times as major depression, bi-polar depression and schizo-affective disorder with complex post-traumatic stress disorder while pursuing careers in music, retail and graphics arts. I have lived quite a charmed life in some respects, having met several of my idols and actually managed to either work for and/or with them.

But it’s been difficult, too; I’ve been at least partially hospitalized at least ten different times in three different states for suicide attempts and/or medication adjustments. Then, in 2016 I was put in a coma for four days and have been hospitalized for kidney failure and diabetic ketoacidosis because of long term side effects of the medications I take to control my many mood swings. I try to explain to audiences what I have lived through while sharing methods of coping as well as giving a sense of hope. This is not Tony Robbins or some motivational garbage, this is my truth.

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