Category: Musings and thoughts

  • And Finally, some acceptance…

    In which our author finally finds some peace, some rules and a new way of living. Not to mention he had a good week.

  • Accountability

    in which our author tries to explain why he didn’t really do the things he most definitely did. Absolutely did.

  • Comments & suggestions

    As I sink further and further into the wallowing I have started, I notice that I am becoming more and more annoyed by the suggestions that people give me. I have been in the mental health system for around about fourty years now, and I feel like I have heard almost every suggestion that the […]

  • Where the heck have YOU been?

    In which our heroic author whines a whole lot about his problems, but comes out thanking Rawk stars, Truck drivers and Retired Mothers.

  • Off the wagon…

    There are many kinds of addiction and escapism. It’s not always getting high that helps you avoid things. Sometimes it manipulation, self-doubt, video games and other ways to avoid facing reality.

  • The plan has been altered.

    If I have learned nothing at all from the last few weeks, it is that my health is undependable at best, my medication has gone all wonky, and that when you are already feeling just a bit of discomfort all the time, throwing in the idea to quit nicotine altogether is just the chefs kiss on a mile high shit show sandwich.

  • Unmotivated

    I think the hardest part of working for myself, so far, has definitely been the motivation aspect. When you first start there’s a flash as some of you’re friends jump on and support you. That part is pretty awesome, so you ride that wave of hype for a bit, but then you hit the first […]

  • Forgive me while I get metaphysical…

    A musing written on a lovely Saturday about the possibility of change.