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  • The plan has been altered.

    The plan has been altered.

    If I have learned nothing at all from the last few weeks, it is that my health is undependable at best, my medication has gone all wonky, and that when you are already feeling just a bit of discomfort all the time, throwing in the idea to quit nicotine altogether is just the chefs kiss on a mile high shit show sandwich.

  • Cult leader or rock star?

    Cult leader or rock star?

    Explaining why exposing my inner most thoughts and sharing my personal demons with the world is the same thing as discussing sitcoms with co-workers to me. Oh, and some possible career choices for me.

  • Serenity Sundays

    Serenity Sundays

    On Sundays I have been practicing what amounts to radical self-care as a way of dealing with the universe around me. Here I outline what that means.