Tag: sad & lonely

  • Alive by default

    In which our author has a dream but follows it with a chaser.

  • Thank you…

    Does it really matter?

  • The “Past” Paradox

    In which our author tries to hide his contempt for life, liberty and anybody who helps him

  • Where the heck have YOU been?

    In which our heroic author whines a whole lot about his problems, but comes out thanking Rawk stars, Truck drivers and Retired Mothers.

  • Off the wagon…

    There are many kinds of addiction and escapism. It’s not always getting high that helps you avoid things. Sometimes it manipulation, self-doubt, video games and other ways to avoid facing reality.

  • I took a day off…

    Sometimes you have to smell the roses while you avoid the bad guys. Sometimes you need a day off. This post is all about why I am the exception to that rule.

  • Do the Thing…

    So I have been thinking a lot lately, about my future, about the planet’s shared future and all of that. I have a lot of spare time, and I seem to really enjoy overthinking all the things I possibly can. So, I have been trying to push forward on all my projects at once, which […]

  • Facebook: The Mood Killer

    A rant about the perils and bonuses of the social media giant. Where it has taken me, why I can’t stand it and why I just can’t quit this irresponsible monster of social media.